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Audience member or assistant lays on a bed, supported by two uprights. The uprights are removed and so is the bed, leaving the lady suspended in mid-air. Hoops are passed over her to show there is no connection to any secret support. Yes, it's the super-X principle, but as improved by Jack Gwynne and perfected by Jim Sommers...makes it super-practical, super-portable and super-deceptive!

  • Perform surrounded. Walk away at any time.
  • One man operation
  • Set up in 1 minute. Strike in less. No nuts or bolts.
  • Weighs less than 55 lbs. Easily supports 200 lbs.
  • Only 5 pieces to fold on it's own roller platform

Complete except for hoops (2 hula hoops will do nicely)

Please allow 3-5 weeks before shipping.

Price: $450.00
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