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There are many imitators, but non to equal the Sommers version of the Chair Suspension. Chairs are so innocent, they may be planted in the audience. The props are so casual, it can be performed on almost any level surface, even outdoors. You not only remove one chair but also the supporting board, to leave the person suspended on the thin back of a single chair.

Use an audience member if you like, with no advance rehearsal. We recommend using a person of no more than 140 pounds, but Mr. Sommers tests each with his own 190 pounds. So safe, selected for use by McDonald restaurants.

So light that you can carry it all under one arm in the convenient upholstery weight, multi-colored, scotchgaurded carrying bag included. Shipping weight 30 lbs. Includes wrap around cloth

Please allow 3-5 weeks before shipping.

Price: $500.00
Plus Shipping and Handling

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