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Memoirs of a Blind Magician

Join this magician as he uses magic to keep flying through his confusing shadow-world of near blindness.

No one, not even me, knew I could barely see until I was eight! My second grade teacher caught me cheating on flash cards. Eyeglasses, thick as Coke bottle bottoms, still left me legally blind. Friends ran off and I could not see to follow. My father was chronically angry. Mother turned out not to be the saint I imagined. Only magic and an enduring optimism saved me from a desperately twisted sense of identity and suicide.

R. W. (Bob) Klamm continues with many delightful stories of a blind man performing magic, attending college, teaching high school, and working in radio/TV.

NOTE: Not written expressly for magicians, but of interest to many in the magic community.

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